About Us

It's great to meet you!

Thank you for your interest in Noah, No! and the team behind the book. Kristen and Rebeca first made contact in 2019, but the timing wasn't right to begin the project. In 2021, Kristen revived the book as a positive passe-temps while living out the second year of the Covid pandemic and this time, the stars aligned. There was an immediate connection and working together on this book was one of the blessings of 2021. Thanks to technology, the book came to life with Kristen and Rebeca working remotely from Canada and Ethiopia, respectively. One day, they hope to meet in person to share a Spanish omelette. 

Kristen Cornell, Author

Kristen is a Chartered Accountant working in Finance and Technology with a side dose of creative passion projects. Kristen's childhood dream was to become an author. Drawing inspiration from her daily life, Kristen makes her children's book debut with Noah, No!

Things that Kristen loves

Spending time with family, trying new recipes, morning workouts, cycling, time with friends, real French croissants, travelling.

Places Kristen has lived

Lindsay, ON, Canada >> Argentière, France >> London, ON, Canada >> Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium >> Toronto, ON, Canada

Rebeca J. Pintos, Illustrator

Rebeca is a freelance illustrator and designer. She started drawing with crayons on her granny's walls and since then, she has never stopped. Rebeca is experienced in the children's book space, not only as an illustrator for publishers but also in the self-publishing world.

 Things Rebeca loves

Japanese food, coffee, drawing, sewing, going to the swimming pool, traveling.

Places Rebeca has lived

Ávila, Spain >> Salamanca, Spain >> Madrid, Spain >> Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic >> Washington DC, USA >> Phnom Penh, Cambodia >> Addis Ababa, Ethiopia